Farkle is a fun and exciting dice game that requires strategy and a little bit of luck. The goal is to be the player with highest score at the end of the final turn.


If the game does not fit correctly on your TV when using XBox, Please set your TV sizing for the XBox input to “Original” or “Standard” or “Fit”. The “Auto” setting may not always show the full screen.


The game is designed for 1 to 4 players (3 & 4 players only in premium version), with each player in succession taking a turn by using the “Roll The Dice” button to roll 6 dice. A turn is made up of from 1 to 6 rolls.

After rolling, the player selects specific dice combinations that have the best score value. These dice are automatically sent to the bottom dice holders. If the no dice values occur on the first roll, then the word “Farkle” appears on the screen indicating that the the player has FARKLED. Because it was the first roll, however, the player recieves 500 points and the turn is over.

After selecting the best dice, the player can either bank the points earned that turn to their total points and pass the dice to the next player or risk the points earned that turn and roll the remaining dice again, hoping to earn more points.

The selected dice in the dice holder are automatically calculated for the best possible score. If any die has a ? over it, the die has no value and must be removed before the player can continue. Sometimes selected dice will show a ? until enough dice are selected to make a value (as in 3 of a kind).

Common scoring combinations are shown in the game on the right panel, but there too many other scoring combinations to show them all.

If the remaining dice rolled can not make a scoring combination, then the word “Farkle” appears on the screen indicating that the the player has FARKLED and forfits all points for that turn.

Once in a while, the player manages to use all six dice (either in one or several rolls). When this occurs, it is known as “Hot Dice” and the player is allowed to roll all 6 dice again, adding to the score. If the player farkles in any of these bonus rolls, all points for that turn are lost.

When the player is satisfied with the turn, save the score by using the “Save Score” button.


At least 1 die of value must be selected after each roll. If the roll has no significant value, it might be better to only select 1 die (preferably a 1, but a 5 will work also) and roll again.

Keep an eye on the scores. If a player is way behind and it is nearing the end of the game, more risk might be needed to catch up. On the other hand, if a player is way ahead, it might be worth while to play it safe and “Coast” through the remaining turns by not taking more than 1 roll per turn.


To play against the computer  (Premium Version Only), Just go into settings and click the checkbox next to the player that you would like to be the computer. You can actually have all 4 players be computers if you’d like. When the checkbox is clicked, the icon to the right should change from a human to a robot, indicating that the computer has taken over that player.

During the game, human and robot icons are displayed next to the names, indicating which are computer players.